Jesse’s Top Ten

Looky at me, getting a post done on someone’s actual birthday!

10. The most dangerous place to be is in a car passing a used car lot loaded with Volkswagon Beetles.

9. It is possible to have an entire conversation using nothing but movie quotes.

8. When in doubt, roll a twenty-sided die.

7. Waitresses can tell you a lot just by delivering an iced tea.

6. Pets find his bed a great place to wrassle, especially if he is still sleeping in it.

5. Secretly, we both wish we could vote for Josiah Bartlet.

4. Don’t watch a TV show he likes. Chances are it will be cancelled.

3. You can have a spiritual experience while playing a video game.

2. You won’t find a better dad.

1. You won’t find a better friend.

Sam’s Top Ten

Sam’s birthday was Friday. I thought it was this Friday. In case you haven’t noticed, I have gotten behind on these posts as the year has gone on. Go figure.

10. If you want to cook it, grill it over charcoal.

9. Bathing suits can be very comfortable headware.

8. If you are going to make up a game, make it one in which you can pick on your older brother.

7. If you are named Leny, you should own a bar.

6. Gold is the best color for a car.

5. Beer. Yum.

4. I know Kung Fu.

3. He’s a brother from another mother.

2. He loves his wife a whole lot.

1. That goes for his kids too.

Uncle Bill’s Top Ten

Correcting an oversight from October. I swear I thought I had done this list. October was an odd month, plus, my uncle never lets anyone make a big deal about his birthday, so there. It’s his fault.

10. If you are planning on buying an older home, you really need him as an uncle. Look into it.

9. Oil changes are about so much more than changing the oil.

8. Bicycling across a state is also about way more than just riding a bike.

7. Knowing how to converse about something you disagree about is one of the best ways to learn.

6. It takes a real man to be a fan of Dancing with the Stars. (Yes, my uncles get together to watch Dancing with the Stars, and they texted my aunt while they watch. How awesome is my family?!)

5. He raised four boys, and they all survived to adulthood.

4. And he and my aunt raised those four cousins of mine and are alive and sane to tell about it. They even, you know, kind of liked it.

3. Ask him about his grandkids if you need a pick-me-up.

2. Eff’em if they can’t take a joke.

1. Sometimes when I say Uncle Bill, I mean Dad.

Allison’s Top Ten

Getting this one in a little late, even though I had it written like three days early!! I need to just set an automatic publish. I should make a list.

Love you even two days late, Allison.

10. We like the same TV shows. Mostly.

9. She was the alpha dog in her family before they got a dog.

8. If you need to know where to get the best price on anything, just text her.

7. She can be the dd for any chick flick that makes you blubber like an idiot and unable to drive through the tears because she will not cry.

6. She’s going to open the first adult bounce palace.

5. She’s a weather nerd.

4.  She is sunshine and flowers.

3. ALWAYS sunshine and flowers.

2. She loves my big brother a whole lot.

1. She’s not a friend, she’s family.