Allison’s and Jason’s Birthday Acrostics 

This time these guys actually share a birthday. They aren’t together because I forgot!

Always on top of the bargains

Lover of holiday decor

Liker of dogs. I know! We were surprised too!

IKEA has everything.

Sand and surf

Outstanding. Nuff said. 

Not blood but family all the same
Just your average husband, dad, brewer, writer, supporter of everyone

Amused by others and tequila

Some knowledge of history. Just a little. 

One more rep!

Not uncool

The Uncles’ Acrostic

So I share a birthday with my Uncle Jerry who is not on Facebook. So I saved my Uncle Bill’s acrostic from October for today. He’s on Facebook and will be sure to share. 

Bashful is not the word for him 

Incredible father (which is also spelled uncle)

Lean on his shoulder. It’s always available

Laughing and you will just have to join in. 
Just a friendly neighbor

Enthusiastic cat owner

Ready with alpaca fur

Really fun at a party

You’re lucky if you know him. 

Acrostics Doubled

Yeah, I’m doing a double whammy. 

Happy Birthday, Tee Tee. 

Target shopper

Iced adult beverage consumer 

Nominally decent card player

Affection personified
And on to Kirsten of the long name. 

Kegger of beer

IRS understander 

Rad mom

Slicer of excellent cheeses

Tons of weights lifted

Endless giggles

Not no nonsense, love the nonsense fun

Will’s Birthday Acrostic

Another birthday! This one is dangerously close to making me feel extremely old.

Willing sisterly victim, often, mostly 

Incredibly talented at like everything. (Seriously, it’s almost annoying.)

Lovingly put up with three women while growing up

Living it up in NYC, making us all proud