To De-clutter or Not to De-clutter, That Is not the Question

We have lived in our house ten years this summer. In that time things have accumulated. Now we aren’t hoarders or overly sentimental people who keep boxes of Christmas cards or paperwork from ten years ago.

But in the course of busy lives things have accumulation. In the last two and a half years of being a person who spends most of my time in my house, this accumulation has been making me feel overwhelmed. There are several closets for which the idea of wrestling them open gives me a panic attack.

Sensing my mood because I nagged he is a perspective husband, John tormented his sinuses and eyeballs a couple of weekends ago and cleared out the basement. I now have room to store the stuff that is not trash for a yard sale (According to my sister it is going to be the Epic Yard Sale to End All Yardsales. Get your plane tickets now. Also it is amazing what people who shop at yard sales think is not trash.)

I got to start my de-cluttering this week. I started with the kids’ closets. There are two in their room.



I know it doesn’t look like a big difference, but I started with smaller messes. I’m trying to work my way down the house with the kitchen de-cluttering being my ultimate achievement.
I am learning things along the way. For instance, it is hard to even give away baby blankets if your child’s name has been embroidered on all of them. I am thinking of using them in a sewing project. Maybe doll clothes? Any suggestions?
Also any advice for my de-cluttering process?

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