Chincoteague Moments of 2014

* My son’s version of boogie boarding which is basically running away from the waves while holding a boogie board.

* The twins version of boogie boarding which borders on professional. (Yep. It exists.)

* My daughter’s ability to become a Scooby Doo “villian” called the Sand Monster who just needs to be hosed off to reveal the person within.

* I found out I am much better at drunk Trivial Pursuit than drunk Boggle.

* Apparently, just adding a unicorn horn to my phoenix tattoo would double its magic.

* Watching Jake and Dann watch The Lego Movie for the first time was better than seeing The Lego Movie the first time. “It’s like my childhood with a budget.”

* The only thing that can make seafood night better is if it is followed by grilled meat night.

* Despite this being my 19th time on the islands, I still geek out over the ponies.

* The pictures. All the pictures. Because of all the people.

* Seriously. There were enough pictures that an epic stop action video was made by Dann.

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So Beach Family, feel free to add your moments in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Chincoteague Moments of 2014

  1. re: drunk trivial pursuit — which brings back memories from the Hallween Party with Joe — “IS IT FOR A CHIP????” — hahahaha!

    So glad you had a fun vacay! 🙂

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