Tipsy Lit Prompt – Around the Tea Table

This is my first submission for  Tipsy Lit Prompted. I hope you enjoy.



There was the rustle of linen against lace as four demitasse teacups patterned with delicate pink roses and faded green vines were put to lips and the contents of one sip of tea were consumed. The cups were places quietly back on the table, and hands were folded in laps as the ladies waited for a long moment. A slight breeze played across the veranda, making the wisteria whisper.

Then the hostess, a tall thin blonde in pale blue reached forward and spun the lazy susan around until it was dizzying to watch. She say back and let it come to a rest on its own.

Each occupant of the table perused the selections of twenty identical, white porcelain teapots.

“Missy, I believe it is your turn to choose first,” the blonde said.

A tall brunette replied, “Yes, of course, Kitty. Thank you.” She arched her neck slightly as she tried to make a choice. “I have to say that the green tea I just had was a little weak. I hope I may find something stronger and more flavorful this time.” She leaned forward and breathed in deeply, her head moving back and forth slightly as she tried to parse out the aromas.

“Oh, then, I hope you get the one I just had,” said another blonde, bonier and shorter than Kitty, who tried to make up her height with an elaborate coif. “It was a black, almost as strong as coffee.”

Missy arched an eyebrow. “Is that what you hope, Kelly?”

Behind Kelly’s smile was a smirk. “No, not really.”

The last lady at the table, raven haired and regal, spoke. “Manners, ladies.” Her eyes roved around the table. “Missy, this waiting is coming close to being rude.”

Missy’s cheeks pinked just slightly. “Yes, of course, Tabby.” She reached out her hands, paused a moment, and then chose a teapot three back and slightly to her left. Once it was down on the table in front of her, the three others were quick to make their own choices. Each then poured a small amount into their cups.

This time Missy said, “Drink.” And again, each raised a cup and swallowed a sip of tea. Before the cups were even placed back on the table, Kelly started clutching at her throat. Her breath was coming in gasps, and her lips were turning blue. Her eyes rolled back in her head, foaming spittle erupted from her mouth, and she slumped to the floor.

Missy looked down at her body and said, “If wishes were fishes, dear heart.”

“Missy,” Tabby’s admonishment rang out sharply. “Gloating is so unladylike.”

Missy bowed her head. Tabby continued, “Well, I believe it was Kelly’s turn to host next month. Since she will be somewhat indisposed, I will take her turn. Ladies,” she said as she stood, bowed her head ever so slightly and swept out the door that led back into the house.

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