Memories Have to Begin Somewhere

John and I like to camp. We have taken the kids camping twice. We both blogged about it. John’s account. My account.

Last weekend while John was playing in the pit for Batboy: The Musical, I had the opportunity to take the kids to my cousin’s family cabin in the mountains just above Carlisle. And I jumped at it because I couldn’t take another night at home alone with the kids camping! Now this camping is not tent camping. I mean there were mani/pedis. IMGP9921 IMGP9920

Really the only camping element was the campfire, but that is the best part as it cooks the hot dogs and the marshmallows.









We ended up spending the night because so much fun! My cousin kept saying it was the first of many sleepovers at Tee Tee’s cabin. And I hope so. We often don’t realize we are making memories until we flip through old photo albums or scroll through our facebook timeline. But sitting at the fire, laughing and chatting and watching CJ be a little pyro and Leila jump on the trampoline…

IMGP9943 IMGP9945








…I knew these were moments that are meant to last, maybe not in vivid detail, as each visit blurs into the rest, but the feelings, the warmth of the fire and love will live on. Plus, there is this blog post. I do hope it pays testament to the beginning of many years of cabin visits, campfires, and cousin sleepovers.

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