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I am not currently working on any fiction because I want to use all of my “writing” time to work on revising and editing my rough draft of “Oops,” Said God. But I miss writing. So I am trying to give this here blog a little more attention. An easy way to do that is to use online writing prompts and link ups. Thank you, Write on Edge Ladies!

Anladele secured the image of home in her mind as she entered the portal. When she emerged, she was looking up at the dome of the portal center. The rough dress and pinching shoes had disappeared. She stretched out her arms and her pebbles came rolling from the pile where she had left them. They spread over her body like armor made of tiny, flat, thin rocks, leaving enough space in between so movement was easy. Anladele relaxed under the reassuring weight though they were lighter than they might look.

At the base of her neck, where her collar bones met, she placed the two stones, the prison and the guard. With quick steps, she left the entry hall and made straight for the cleansing chamber.

The guard at the opening put a spear across her path. Anladele stood silently and still as the guard held a hand over her chest and closed his eyes. Then he turned to a large, flat rock on the wall and place the same hand on it as he hummed deeply from the chest. After a moment, he turned back to Anladele and said, “They have prepared. They are waiting and ready.”

Anladele nodded and walked through the sheet of water that curtained the archway.

On the other side, she was greeted with the expected sight; three elders stood at three points of the compass. In the middle was a delicate pedestal made of coral. The fingers of coral formed a shallow bowl on top of the thin spiral base. Anladele walked forward and placed the prison stone in the shallow bowl. The glow from within pulsed and an amber mist started emanating from it. Anladele crooned quietly as the stone still on her breast grew warm. The glow quieted, and the mist was pulled into the stone.

Anladele turned and took her place at the south point, closing the circle. As soon as she was in place, the four fey started humming, East and West weaving a melody around the strong harmony from North and South. As their voices reach the high top of the dome, a single translucent pebble at the apex slide aside allowing a thin stream of salt water to enter. The music of the fey voices encircled it, keeping it a stream, not allowing it to disperse. It flowed onto the stone in the coral basin. There was a loud screech from the stone. The honey colored mist started to appear again, moving like it was trying to dodge the water, but there was nowhere dry for it to go. The feys changed their counterpoint, willing the minerals and deposits in the water to enter the microscopic spaces between the stone’s atoms, pushing the gelatinous prisoner out of the water’s way. It fought but weakly. The mist became a heavy miasma dripping from the stone and through the porous coral, all the time being dispersed by the water’s flow. It grew less and less until nothing but clear water ran.

The elder fey at north point spoke. “The evil is dispersed.”

This is a continuation of this story.

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