Jesse’s Top Ten

Looky at me, getting a post done on someone’s actual birthday!

10. The most dangerous place to be is in a car passing a used car lot loaded with Volkswagon Beetles.

9. It is possible to have an entire conversation using nothing but movie quotes.

8. When in doubt, roll a twenty-sided die.

7. Waitresses can tell you a lot just by delivering an iced tea.

6. Pets find his bed a great place to wrassle, especially if he is still sleeping in it.

5. Secretly, we both wish we could vote for Josiah Bartlet.

4. Don’t watch a TV show he likes. Chances are it will be cancelled.

3. You can have a spiritual experience while playing a video game.

2. You won’t find a better dad.

1. You won’t find a better friend.

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