Allison’s Top Ten

Getting this one in a little late, even though I had it written like three days early!! I need to just set an automatic publish. I should make a list.

Love you even two days late, Allison.

10. We like the same TV shows. Mostly.

9. She was the alpha dog in her family before they got a dog.

8. If you need to know where to get the best price on anything, just text her.

7. She can be the dd for any chick flick that makes you blubber like an idiot and unable to drive through the tears because she will not cry.

6. She’s going to open the first adult bounce palace.

5. She’s a weather nerd.

4.  She is sunshine and flowers.

3. ALWAYS sunshine and flowers.

2. She loves my big brother a whole lot.

1. She’s not a friend, she’s family.

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