Will’s Top Ten

The last of my siblings! I love you so much, Will.

10. I like to think that being raised as the only boy in a house with three women has helped him with the ladies.

9. Learning to play a kick ass guitar is a way more useful life skill than anything from senior health.

8. Jumping from a shed roof onto a trampoline while on your snowboard is totally a good idea that will not age your mother at all.

7. The Princess Bride or The Mighty Ducks is the more useful movie to have memorized. Discuss.

6. OK, yes, Peter Jackson’s Tolkien movies are amazing, but do they contain the song “Frodo of the Niiiiiiii-ne Fingers and the Ring of Doooooom”? No. They should.

5. Texts are always better emphasized with a well placed gif.

4. Did you know that road signs in Athens are in Greek? Also so are the names of hotels.

3. Making everyone laugh when it is needed the most makes you a pretty terrific person.

2. Being a human jungle gym may make for a sore train ride, but it makes you the world’s best uncle.

1. Working hard at what you love is the true success.

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