Wyatt’s Top Ten

My brother is 16. I know. I don’t believe it either.

10. He made up his own swear word at two. Shushy to all of you.

9. Clippies do not belong on the banister, Aggots.

8. Piñatas are the devil, especially Spongebob ones.

7. The MMORPG you play is totally more important than what religion you are.

6. Once a brony… No wait… Scratch that.

5. If your hair insists in being a white man’s ‘fro, then you might as well own it.

4. What happens at the beach, stays at the beach.

3. A sense of humor will take you far in life, especially if it is based mostly on sarcasm and snark.

2. He’s a really smart guy who I am glad to be related to.

1. His niece and nephews think he is lots of fun.

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