Jessica’s Top Ten

This one’s for my sister-in-law. Happy Birthday, Guess-i-ca!

10. iPhones don’t float, but that doesn’t mean a couple of three-year-olds won’t try and disprove physics.

9. You can totally look glamorous while giving birth at least according to all pictures.

8. Hosting a party is a solemn duty that one should not take lightly. It takes a lot of work to have fun.

7. Life isn’t worth it if you don’t do it in style.

6. It should also always have a theme.

5. All the better if chocolate and/or pink are involved.

4. Run everywhere.

3. Nicknames come from a place of love.

2. She gives more than she ever even thinks about getting.

1. Once she makes you family, it’s for life, and you are blessed.


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