Preparing for the Inevitable

This post is slightly inspired by Mandy, who shares my pain.

Knowing an old friend’s time is coming to an end is not an easy thing to accept.

This, my friends, is The Awesome Leather Bag.


Since I found it in a Wilson Leather outlet, and my mother sneakily bought it for me for Christmas circa 1997 or ’98, it has served not only as a simple purse, but a college backpack, an overnight bag, a laptop bag, and even a diaper bag. I’m pretty sure it has an undetectable extension charm placed on it.

I have had other purses. I went through a fairly significant Vera Bradley phase, but I always came back to TALB.

As you can see from the photos, it does not have an impervious charm on it. The lining has been shredding for years. One of the zippers has a hole that makes it stick. The clasp does not stay shut anymore. I once caught the strap in a locker, and it ripped slightly. It has held up, but it won’t forever.

The TALB won’t last forever.

I am pretty sure I can count its life in months, not years. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand and ignore the signs. I want to be proactive.

I need to start thinking about a replacement.

This will not be an easy task. I’m pretty sure Hermione Granger has not opened an etsy shop. So I have been looking.

I started a Pinterest board.

Here is the criteria.

It must have a crossbody strap.

It needs to be bigger than a clutch but smaller than a messenager bag. (TALB is 9x9x3.)

I would prefer a neutral color, but that is not a deal breaker.

There needs to be organization, pockets, and dividers including an easy access one for my phone.

I want to pay around $50. I would go up to $100, but then it needs to be a birthday present request.

So that leads me this: I am asking you, my dear readers (I hope there are more than John and Dann. At least one female would be nice.), for any suggestions. Do you have a go-to bag that you love as much as I love TALB? Have you seen one online that might fit my needs?

Thank you for helping me through this trying time.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for the Inevitable

  1. I am NO help whatsoever. I have yet to find the perfect purse. I did finally break down and spend the extra cash (more than I’ve spent on a purse or a wallet COMBINED) to buy a designer version of my perfect wallet.

    May the Force be with you in your search.

  2. Have you checked out any Sherpani purses? We have their child carrier and it has lasted 8 years and still looks brand new. They have some really cute purses. I have a few friends that have them and they look very functional. Good luck!

  3. I too am searching for ‘the purse’. We’re out of the diaper bag stage, but still need something…a toddler bag. I have a love affair with fossil bags. They have some great ones that fit your criteria…but can be spendy. Hope that helps!

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