Dann’s Top Ten

So the downside to a relaxing beach vacation: I forgot a very important top ten birthday list for like the one person who reads my blog AND was on the vacation with me. Sigh.

10. When you need a shovel, he has a shovel.

9. Also fire gloves. Also pretty much anything you will need to deal with a fire.

8. He can’t watch the Doctor Who episode, Blink, when alone.

7. He haz all the body heat.

6. He is the opposite of a mogwai. Feed him when he is hungry, not matter what time it is.

5. Do not touch his piles. Even if they are of ten year old receipts.

4. Science is fucking cool, right?

3. He’s a firefighter. As in he runs into the fire when everyone should be running out because, you know, someone has to put it out.

2. He’s a proud twin dad.

1. He made me introduce him to my best friend, and he’s been making her happy for 15(ish) years.

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