Leah’s Top Ten

Leah and I are a prime example of the good that comes from Facebook. We don’t get to see each other much anymore, but we have gotten to watch each other’s kids grow up!

10. Party to the fullest but not the dumbest.

9. You have to kiss a lot of frogs (or date guys who wear utility kilts) to find a prince.

8. Being Jewish should not keep you from owning a mighty fine collection of Christmas music.

7. Sushi is meant to be shared. And if there is a bottle of wine too, even better.

6. A knitted thong is a conversation piece.

5. Always praise your friend’s workouts. It will always make her day.

4. If you’re wearing a red bridesmaid dress, you have to dance to Lady in Red.

3. Know what you want, then make sure you are in charge of getting it.

2. Knowing when to listen and when to advise, makes you an amazing friend.

1. Celebrate life with lots of laughter.

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