Uncle Nick’s Turn for a Top Ten

April is riddled with birthdays! Next up is my Uncle Nick. It’s still his birthday for an hour and a half.

10. When your sisters are dressed in furs, but you are not, you must rise above it.

9. Scaring small children is a fine art. Go too far and your niece may hide the scary bear statue where you will never find it even when you remodel. (Disclaimer: I am not this niece.)

8. Being good at poker should be on your resume.

7. If you are married to a travel agent, you should take full advantage of her profession.

6. Never miss an opportunity for a naughty joke.

5. Always¬†enunciate. There is a big difference between the phrase “stealing tips” and touching tits”.

4. Fishing and golf are not boring!

3. Give.

2. Love.

1. I am exceptionally lucky to have such a giving and loving uncle.

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