Ya’ll. My mom is up. YAY!

10. If your pets don’t outnumber your kids, you’re doing something wrong.

9. You don’t need a DVD player or iPad to entertain kids in a car. All you need is a cassette player and a Bill Cosby tape.

8. Star Trek is a family show. All of them. And Captain Kirk is the real captain.

7. Every meal is Greek in someway.

6. If you don’t serve a meal, then you didn’t have a party.

5. Dance like everybody is watching.

4. Nancy Drew is perfectly acceptable read aloud material for a four-year-old.

3. Family is not always a genetic distinction.

2. I could not be raising my children to be the amazing people they are without my mother.

1. There is nothing I have accomplished in my life without the support, love and influence of my mother.

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