Margie’s Top Ten

This was a hard one because choosing just ten was really hard. Next to my mother, Margie is the woman who has had the most influence on my life. I love you, Gray! Happy Birthday!

10. You can learn a lot if you have HBO and a VCR.

9. Who says you can’t fit four kids in the back of a Fiesta?

8. Having multiple cats does not a crazy cat lady make.

7. Gardening is a religion not a hobby.

6. Speak softly and walk a big dog.

5. Always make friends with the waiter at your favorite restaurant. He may own the place someday.

4. Dinner is never complete without a bottle of wine.

3. When you have sons, you make friends with their wives. Being really friendly helps a lot.

2. My kids get to have three grandmothers.

1. I am a better mother because Margie was and is in my life.


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