Aunt Corky’s Top Ten

Yes, we like the quirky nicknames in my family.
It’s my aunt’s birthday. It was also my Yiayia’s birthday. It’s not a coincidence that two such amazing ladies shared a birthday even if they weren’t blood related. The universe is not that random.

10. She is a Trekker. Not a Trekkie. Keep it straight.

9. She knows captains don’t belong on away missions.

8. She owns and uses snowshoes.

7. There are always frosted beer glasses in her kegarator.

6. Carefully picked jigsaw puzzles are the highlight of weekend visits.

5. Tennis balls are a necessary pet owner investment.

4. She knows that in-laws do not stop being relatives after a divorce.

3. I get a birthday card every year, even if it comes with the Christmas present.

2. She calls my kids her grandchildren.

1. Someone so loved by so many Golden Retrievers has got to be a kind and generous person full of laughter.

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