Blogging Etiquette Conundrum

If you are a blogger, you know that a blog comment is the cyber version of a piece of birthday cake (the flavor of your choice). In fact, a blog comment may even be better as it is calorie free. Heck, even a sympathy comment from John makes me feel good.

Knowing all of this, I always want to pay it forward, blog style, and leave a comment. However, I don’t want to just comment for commenting’s sake. Just saying, “great post” or “I love this post” makes me feel like I just wrote “Have a nice summer!” in someone’s yearbook. I want my comments to contribute to the dialogue. There should be some meat on the bone. The only problem is, I don’t always have something like that to say. Sometimes I read a post, think, wow, that was great, but I can’t think of a good comment. That blank corner of the last page of the yearbook is just screaming for “Can’t wait for senior year!”

So my question to you is….

How do you feel about blog commenting? Is the visit stat enough? Are you OK with a “checking in” comment? Or are they the low-fat, sugar free version of comments? Do you leave them?

Have I used enough metaphors in just two hundred words?

8 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette Conundrum

  1. I try to never, ever leave a “great post” comment — people know that I read, when I can, so I seldom say anything that doesn’t speak directly to what they wrote (half of the time, it’s an anecdote that I crossed my mind as I read the blog post, and seldom actually has any actual link to the post that I’m reading).

  2. I love getting comments and would even appreciate a “great post” from my readers. I totally get the yearbook metaphor (which was perfect btw) so I like to give and receive more “meaty” comments but I think a lame comment is better than no comment at all. Just my $.02 🙂

  3. I don’t mind a checking in comment! Although I guess if every time a person stopped by it was “great post” and nothing else I would assume they had not read the post.

  4. I missed this one!

    I’m having a hard time with comments – both giving and receiving. I loved, years ago, how they sparked full conversations in the comment section and enriched my blog post. Now, it’s hard for me to respond and even more difficult to comment. (I blame my children. And my job. And my children’s pesky desire to eat all. the. time. Also, me being a slcker.)

    Still, know I read. Even if I’m the silent type.

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