Erin’s Top Ten

Goodness, January has a lot of birthdays! Which is good. It gets my lazy blogger butt in gear.

This one goes to the first non-relative, my fellow mother-in-arms, Erin.

10. She has read ALL the parenting books and articles.

9. She has not listened to all the parenting books and articles.

8. Despite hating cheese, she loves fettuccine alfredo.

7. Sharing wine is one of her most passionate hobbies.

6. Naptime bonding means Buffy episodes on Netflix.

5. She understands budgeting gas for a minivan.

4. Grilled turkey is the perfect opening to the holiday season.

3. She is such a good friend that she planned pregnancy just so she could be pregnant at the same time as me then again with my sister.

2. She loves my might-as-well-be brother, Sam, a whole whole bunch.

1. Her sense of humor coupled with her sense of morality make her one of the strongest moms I know to two of the sweetest and brightest little girls I know.

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