This One Is for My Aunt Thana

People, the birthdays just keep coming!

10. Give her an hour’s notice, and she will have the world’s largest pan of macaroni and cheese ready for any event.

9. Everything Thanksgiving there is a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for my birthday.

8. She makes decorative plates cool.

7. I’m not sure the last time her hot tub was actually used for tubbing purposes, but it makes a great stage for her Christmas village.

6. She turned her garage into a room just to make sure the whole family could have holidays together.

5. She understands the woes of being the oldest.

4. She has 1,367 godchildren, but each of us feels like the only one.

3. She is the best teacher who ever taught. Period.

2. Her house always smells like something was freshly baked.

1. She is the kind of Christian Jesus meant people to be.

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