My MIL’s Top Ten

Next up is my mother-in-law!

10. She has Star Wars and Avenger cookie cutters.

9. If you need any kind of fabric of any pattern or color, she can reach into her sewing room closet and find it.

8. She made each of us giant, Santa-sized reusable Christmas present bags.

7. Pink is a great color for a male Shih Tzu.

6. Because of her BJ’s Wholesale Club membership, we haven’t bought baby wipes in well over a year.

5. Ricotta cheese cookies

4. Milk chocolate and M&M pretzels

3. Our initials are embroidered on everything.

2. My kids L-O-V-E going to Nana’s house.

1. She has the absolute biggest heart I have ever seen in one person.

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