John’s Top Ten

So this is a series I want to start for the next year. The Top Ten Reasons I Love Someone. I plan on posting on important people’s birthdays. John gets to be the first.

10. He reaches the high stuff.

9. He lifts the heavy stuff.

8. He does not play golf. Or hunt.

7.He makes everyone feel welcome.

6. We giggle (yes, giggle) at almost all the same stuff. (Muppets, mostly.)

5. He doesn’t make fun of me for reading books about Mr. Darcy’s throbbing manhood. Much.

4. He wears Hawaiian shirts with pride.

3. I get to prepare dinner while listening to live music.

2. He will dress up in women’s green nylons, size double queen, to be Robin to his son’s Batman.

1. We are a great team.

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