Name That Tune!

OK, we will get to the actual story in a moment, but I just wanted to say a little about my November. By now we all few know that I am not the most prolific of bloggers all for my own reasons. However, in November, I was completely off the blogosphere, not really reading posts either, because I was attempting NaNoWriMo. I felt if I had time to write or read, it should be used on my novel (I hate using that word. For some reason, it makes me feel pretentious. I have no idea what that says about me. Probably another post. Or twenty.) Now, I already had 21,000 words done for Oops, Said God, so I wasn’t shooting for 50,000. I was trying not to be driven by word count because I knew that I would just disappoint myself. My goal was to just write more than I would have usually. I am an excellent writing procrastinator.It is one of my most developed skills. For example, I present that I have been working on my *whispers novel *unwhisper since somewhere around the turn of the century. (Yes, that is twelve years to you math whizzes. Turn of the century makes it sound much longer doesn’t it? Like I started it when women wore corsets.) That averages to about (opening calculator app) 1750 words a year. (See? Gold medal in procrastination. If only I was in a novel writing class with deadlines and grades. I would have had that sucker pumping out of the computer lab printer at least two hours before it was due.) So pathetic. Still I kept at it. I really love the idea, and I love my book (a little easier than novel. Again. NO IDEA WHY.) I was a little stymied about the ending. I wasn’t entirely sure where it was going, so that slowed things down. I figured out part of it about three years ago when I was teaching.But then the beginning of grad school and then momhood were excellent procrastinating tools. I finally banged out a plan for the full second half earlier this year (with the inspiration of a lovely notebook supplied by my thoughtful husband), but by then I had started graduate classes again, and toddlers are way time intensive. I made the promise that I would do NaNoWriMo as I would be done with classes. My overall goal was to be done before 2013.

That’s not going to happen. (Do you know how hard it is to write with no “u” key or an “enter” button? Well, it is very hard! Especially when you know there is a new Chromebook somewhere in the house, hiding for Christmas.) But I wrote over 5,000 words in November. Compare that to my yearly average from the last paragraph. That is pretty amazing, percentage-wise. And I still got to enjoy it. Thanksgiving and the bunch of things going on around it got me off track, but I plan on making myself write at least once a week. I figure if I can keep up with my November numbers, I can be done in four to five months. Not too much over my original end of year goal.

So that is why I haven’t been on the blog for an even longer stretch than usual.

What? Oh, right, Name That Tune is the subject of this post. OK, so you want the story of drunk John and sober Duffy arguing about Christmas carol lyrics now.

But I have already written 581 words. And I know the attention span of the average blog reader (Of course, all three of you are above average.)

So I promise the actual Name That Tune post later this week.

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