“Casting for the Future.”

“Casting what? What does that mean?”

“Like casting a line into the future.”


“Why not? It’s symbolic.”

“It sounds like American Idol for acting.”

“Oh. Good point. Well, you come up with something then.”


“So you got nothing.”

“What? It’s ironic.”

“No it’s not.”

“It is if it’s marketed the right way.”

“I-D-K. S-M-F-H. hashtag shitmydadsays.”

“OK, OK. It’s better than fishing imagery.”

“Hater. Pull into Sheetz. I want a soda. I’ll b-r-b.”

“Sheesh, I get it already…. Hey, what about Kindling?”

“Stop just looking around the car for ideas.”


“You totally got that from the Kindle lying on your backseat.”

“Oh. Yeah, maybe. Still Kindling has a ring to it.”

“It gets set on fire and burned to ash.”

“It gets the fire started. It starts thing. It’s a trendsetter.”

“And only sixty-five on Amazon.”

“Fine. What the hell do you have there? That’s more than a soda.”

“I was hungry too.”

“And also stocking up for the zombie apocalypse? Hey, what about…”

“No way, Rick Grimes.”

“What all you got there?”

“Let’s see… Doritoes, Tastykakes, mixed nuts. And check this out, a little pie!”

“Seriously?! We’re in the car for like six more hours with no A/C. That pie is doomed.”

“But it’s like a pie for a midget. I was going to take a picture like I was a giant eating a pie.”

“And then eat the pie like Cookie Monster or something? You will get pie all over my car.”

“I guess I should have gotten a fork.”

“Ya’ think.”

“You need one of those tiny fridges that plug into the cigarette lighter! Then I could be a giant getting a little pie out of a little fridge.”

“Yes, because of all the things my car needs, the most important is a tiny pie fridge.”


“But, man, come on. Don’t you know that a tiny pie fridge is the number one thing car thieves look for?”

“We can make a fake console to hide it behind. A secret pie fridge.”

“Secret Pie Fridge?”

“Yeah…. Secret Pie Fridge.


“Hashtag it, Bro.”

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