Phoenix Repost

I wrote this over over four years ago. I thought of writing something new for this challenge, and I might still, but I cannot help but share this. John and I were just starting the adoption process. It has always made the phoenix special to me because my son is my phoenix. And even though I also got my unicorn, the phoenix will always be my strength.

Mythical Creatures

I had a unicorn baby. I would glimpse his hazel eyes giggling at me from his carseat in my rearview mirror. I would hear her cries echoing through the house at three in the morning, and the phantom me would get up and go smooth her sweaty dark ringlets as she cried for no good reason. I would feel the weight of his tall-for-his-age body on my pant leg as I went about changing laundry loads and emptying the dishwasher. He was going through the clinging to Mommy phase, you see. The petite, too-small-for-her-age length of her would fit perfectly in my arms as I sat doing nothing at all but zoning in front of the TV and she slept, refusing to be put down. I had to let my unicorn baby go. He and she waved good-bye as they went to fulfill the promises of that twit, Jackie Paper, and have adventures in the Land of Hanalee. Now I have a phoenix baby. He rises out of the ashes of disappointments and fear to create hope with his golden song. She does all of the same things the unicorn baby did, taunting me from around corners, but her features are blurred like a hummingbird’s wings. Yet the outline is more defined. She is coming. He will fly, maybe long and far, maybe short and near, but he will come. And we will make her song powerful and strong to withstand and fight against the wind. I may always miss my unicorn baby, but I will always love my phoenix baby.


9 thoughts on “Phoenix Repost

  1. Wow, you really blew me away. That was great. What a unique interpretation on the theme that really touched me. Thanks for sharing an very intimate piece.

  2. Thanks for gifting Write on Edge with your phoenix baby. Such a beautiful way to express those emotions, and knowing you and John now? I’m a little teary thinking about the unbridled awesome that is your kids.

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