Oldest. Shortest. Fattest. Slowest.

Yep, this post is about my triathlon. Yes, it took me a week to get to this post. It’s been a long week in which my laptop and I did not get a lot of alone time.
My indoor sprint triathlon was last Sunday. A sprint triathlon is 800 yards swimming, 12 miles biking and 5K running. I was feeling pretty good but nervous when I entered the pool area at the Y around 10:30 to wait for my 11 AM start time. There were five people in each heat. The four other people in my heat? All around 25 and in fantastic shape. They could all do flip turns in the pool. Me? I still just tag the edge. It’s a lot easier to pretend not feel competitive when there is at least one person who might be slower than you. Yeah. I don’t care how much any of us say we are only competing against ourselves and just want to finish, times don’t matter. It totally does. Walking into that heat was a little embarrassing and totally made me the one everyone had to cheer for. Sigh. But still I REALLY did want to finish and I REALLY did just want a respectable time. I had to remember that the flip side to being this post’s title is that I was doing a triathlon even though I was all those things. I was being brave and stretching myself to reach a far out there goal.

And I did it. I was the last to finish each leg, but I never stopped. And I had a better cycling time than one of the other people in my heat. I didn’t walk on the treadmill at all. I finished in under two hours, by a decent amount of time.

I am old, short, fat and slow, but I’m in pretty good shape. In good enough shape to complete a triathlon.

That’s good enough for me.

4 thoughts on “Oldest. Shortest. Fattest. Slowest.

  1. I’m so proud of you for completing this. While it may be impossible to not continually compare yourself to those around you (as much as I try to say something is just about me and the course, or me and the clock, I’ve never been able to actually implement the practice), it’s quite important to keep everything in perspective. And, that means that you completed a fucking triathlon!

    I love you.

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