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Netflix did it. Having every Doctor Who episode from 2004 to (finally) the present available while I cooked, cleaned and worked out and didn’t sleep was the push I needed to watch this show. Yes, several very witty, fun and all together brilliant people (You know who you are.) had been touting The Doctor’s virtues to me for years, but actually seeing it was more effort than I was willing able to make. But My new best friend, Netflix Streaming, made it easy.
I am so glad.
People, this show now has a place in my heart with Buffy and Firefly. I want to see The Doctor try and convince Mal guns are bad. I want Willow to be his next companion. (Seriously, Allison Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother does not have more than two season left in that dead horse carcass. Go to your hub’s homeland. I bet Joss and Steven would collaborate.)
Doctor Who is the most profound of cheese. First you get to watch Chris Ecclesion gnaw on the scenery for 14 episodes then he sets the stage for David Tennant to devour it for four magnificent seasons until he bows in Matt Smith who is still currently licking it in a weirdly watchable but slightly unseemly way.
And while they are running around entrancing several British women into worshipping accompanying them, The Doctor’s story is the story of humanity. Every major theme that makes life worth living or death a blessing (ie Shakespeare) gets at least one episode while the story revolves around people’s fat coming to life as adorable alien babies or other aliens using GPS to try to take over the Earth.
The Doctor is everything good in people unless he isn’t. Unless his arrogance is not kept in check. We would all be tempted to be corrupted by absolute power. Enter those British women with their true humanity and dazzling, adoring smiles to keep him in check. And the TARDIS. She is one smart police box (bigger on the inside!)
If you don’t get Doctor Who, then you just don’t. Fine. I understand not being able to peel back the cheese or enjoy it. But I dare you to watch either Blink or Human Nature and The Family of Blood two parter, and not first be dry-mouthed with fear or get a good lump in your throat.
The Angels are creepy.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. I’m actually jealous of your little Dr Who world . . . . I just don’t have the time, right now, to devote . . . but my intention to spin this morning would have had me watching the first episode — but, alas, bed was comfy.

    I’ll catch up, eventually.

    • I can’t wait for you to catch up. You have such an appreciation for cheesy. I am really interested in what you think of the episodes that read as horror.

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