And now October starting with Marc

One more for catchup. Seeing how I was with Marc on his birthday, I think I can be forgiven a brief delay.

10. Surprise parties are really only a working theory.
9. Soccer is the only sport in which you can cheer for a non-Pittsburgh team.
8. Fly fishing is not just for old men or the 19th century.
7. That masonry training is going to pay off one of these days.
6. Potatoes count as a vegetable.
5. He is always older than me.
4. German is really a very useful language.
3. He introduces us as his family. Because we are.
2. You just have to laugh when he does.
1. He appreciates other people always.

Double List

So September was a long and crazy month. I forgot birthdays! So Nitolas and his mom, my cousin/sister, Tee Tee.

10. Permission is a relative term even at two.
9. Do all the homework! Now!
8. We should be Project Runway judges together. You know, outside the living room.
7. You can, in fact, be too thin.
6. All fish should aspire to be yummy sushi.
5. He will be the first to buy a real lightsaber.
4. He’s made being the middle child into an art form.
3. The same goes for overachieving.
2. If you are in the hospital, pray he is your nurse. You will be well taken care of.
1. There is nothing like the family bond being reinforced with friendship.

10. If you can still lift your hand from the table, then you aren’t wearing enough rings.
9. She’s a family member I trust to do my hair.
8. Daytime television is more fun in her company especially if it involves ugly wedding dresses.
7. She will always come to the rescue whether it involves eyebrows or car engines.
6. We share an anniversary and are not above celebrating in Atlantic City.
5. I really think they invented the Keurig for her.
4. She can make a two room cabin sleep 15 comfortably.
3. She celebrates everything her sons do even if it scares the bejeebus out of her.
2. My kids squeal with delight whenever I say we are going to see Tee Tee Tina.
1. In this case, c-o-u-s-i-n spells sister.