Anne’s Top Ten

Anne, the girl who engineers all the things, has a birthday today!

10. If you need it done, find a Girl Scout.

9. Having a mini van in college will make you totally popular.

8. Cook with wine whenever possible.

7. Gluten and dairy free foods can be tasty. She will totally make them tasty. Cross my heart.

6. If you have a camp fire, you can cook anything. Anything. Even a pie. A whole pie like at Thanksgiving.

5. Never fear an angel turd.

4. The structure of a building is way more interesting than the stories of the people in it.

3. Best friends are important. For instance one might say to you, He is totally cute. You so should go after him.(No quotes. I paraphrase.) And you end up happily married.

2. Being the girl among the boys takes balls.

1. Her bravery in facing all the things in life awes me.


Alex’s Top Ten

I AM THE WORST SISTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that.


10. Chores can always be negotiated.

9. Wear your clothing however it is comfortable. That may mean no clothing. That may mean a bathing suit as a hat.

8. Wendy’s fries do not get dipped in ketchup. They belong dipped in a frosty.

7. Waiting tables is an art form.

6. So is teaching six-year-olds to read.

5. If you think it is clean, chances are she can make it cleaner.

4. Motherhood is not for sissies.

3. Neither is aunt-hood.

2. Sisterhood, however, makes both of those things way easier.

1. I could not survive without her in my life.