Karen’s Top Ten

Two in a row!

Karen is the person who probably knows the most about me on the planet. It’s that college survival thing. God bless the housing computer that put us on the same dorm floor freshman year. She also has the same birthday as my dear Pappou. I couldn’t bring myself to do a list for him. Miss you, Pappou!

So on to Karen (Another one that is hard to choose just ten.)

10. The Soil Sciences are not the same as Geology.

9. There is nothing that can bond two women together more than a love for the same childhood books and chocolate at a museum. Or at least near a museum.

8. There never was a question of who should it be, Ben or Noel. Noel. Always Noel.

7. If you can drive together in a Ford Festiva in a snowstorm and remain friends, you are friends forever.

6. Creating a border of Peppermint Patty wrappers in your dorm room is totally recycling.

5. Family bonding can be done over taped episodes of Young and the Restless.

4. It is OK to cry when your team loses the World Series.

3. If you’re going to be one of the first of your friends to have kids, you might as well do it up and have twins.

2. You can make having a career and a family totally work. Maybe not sanely, but…..

1. She is the most amazing wife, mother, friend, teacher, good person ever. She is my role model.

Jake’s Top Ten

Good lord, people. I’ve known Jake since kindergarten. That’s a lot of material. A lot of laughs. A lot of life. I’m glad we stuck.

10. If you are going to tell a tall tale, make it a Paul Bunyan sized one.

9. You can’t sweat the elementary school bullies because someday you are going to be a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kown Do, and they will be in jail.

8. A good actor can pull off anything including a 6 foot Japanese houseboy, stereotypes included.

7. There should be a phobia centered around the fear of Mola Ram ripping your heart out. Seriously. Shudder.

6. “Janet!” “Dr Scott!” “Janet!” “Brad!” “Rocky!” That never gets old. Ever.

5. The Princess Bride should be memorized. And also never gets old. No matter what Entertainment magazine says.

4. If you find a genie, your first wish should really be for a luck dragon. That’s how you get around the rule about not wishing for wishes. Two should be a Jedi powers including a light saber.

3. When you watch your friend wash her car engine at the car wash and flood her distributor cap, so the car won’t start, you don’t make fun of her, even if you said it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

2. Finding your calling is a truly amazing thing. Working your ass off in grad school to make it your career is a brave act. Also one of endurance.

1. You know that cheesy quote about friends know everything about you but love you anyway? Yeah. Truth.

Leah’s Top Ten

Leah and I are a prime example of the good that comes from Facebook. We don’t get to see each other much anymore, but we have gotten to watch each other’s kids grow up!

10. Party to the fullest but not the dumbest.

9. You have to kiss a lot of frogs (or date guys who wear utility kilts) to find a prince.

8. Being Jewish should not keep you from owning a mighty fine collection of Christmas music.

7. Sushi is meant to be shared. And if there is a bottle of wine too, even better.

6. A knitted thong is a conversation piece.

5. Always praise your friend’s workouts. It will always make her day.

4. If you’re wearing a red bridesmaid dress, you have to dance to Lady in Red.

3. Know what you want, then make sure you are in charge of getting it.

2. Knowing when to listen and when to advise, makes you an amazing friend.

1. Celebrate life with lots of laughter.

Uncle Nick’s Turn for a Top Ten

April is riddled with birthdays! Next up is my Uncle Nick. It’s still his birthday for an hour and a half.

10. When your sisters are dressed in furs, but you are not, you must rise above it.

9. Scaring small children is a fine art. Go too far and your niece may hide the scary bear statue where you will never find it even when you remodel. (Disclaimer: I am not this niece.)

8. Being good at poker should be on your resume.

7. If you are married to a travel agent, you should take full advantage of her profession.

6. Never miss an opportunity for a naughty joke.

5. Always enunciate. There is a big difference between the phrase “stealing tips” and touching tits”.

4. Fishing and golf are not boring!

3. Give.

2. Love.

1. I am exceptionally lucky to have such a giving and loving uncle.


Ya’ll. My mom is up. YAY!

10. If your pets don’t outnumber your kids, you’re doing something wrong.

9. You don’t need a DVD player or iPad to entertain kids in a car. All you need is a cassette player and a Bill Cosby tape.

8. Star Trek is a family show. All of them. And Captain Kirk is the real captain.

7. Every meal is Greek in someway.

6. If you don’t serve a meal, then you didn’t have a party.

5. Dance like everybody is watching.

4. Nancy Drew is perfectly acceptable read aloud material for a four-year-old.

3. Family is not always a genetic distinction.

2. I could not be raising my children to be the amazing people they are without my mother.

1. There is nothing I have accomplished in my life without the support, love and influence of my mother.