Corky’s Birthday Accrostic

This is a day late because I fooled myself with “I’ll do it after the kids are asleep.”
And her name is Carol, but she is Aunt Corky to me.

Caring nurse and doggy mother

Original Trekker who took me to my first convention

Really good at jigsaw puzzles

Kind of in love with my kids and nephew

Y would I not love her a lot!

Erin’s Birthday Acrostic

Thanks for having a short name!

Enthusiastically befriended a bunch of crazy Greeks

Recognizes the need mothers sometimes have for several bottles of wine

Ignores my less than stellar housekeeping when she visits

Never underestimates the healing power of anything that is mostly sugar

Thana and Charlie

I had two birthdays this week that I didn’t get to write for, my wonderful aunt and my cheeky nephew.


Honestly, the best teacher I know

Authentic in all she undertakes

Newbie to the iPhone but learning quickly

Aunt and nouna to all


Happy enough to make you happy just seeing him

All the cheeks belong to him

Rambunctious doesn’t begin to describe it

Language skills, yo



Ents Are Among Us

Sometime back in September (or thereabouts) all four of us were in theĀ trusty mini van, driving along a route we take often. (Yes, it is the way from our house to Target and Starbucks, what of it?) Anyway, we turn a corner and to the right are recently harvested cornfields, split by a line of large trees, just changing colors and starting to lose their leaves. At this point on this particular trip, CJ starts proclaiming loudly that the trees are walking. He is pointing out the window and exclaiming, “Look, walking trees!” He is not proclaiming this is a happy way. These are not friendly Ents to CJ’s estimation. They have a dark purpose. John and I look over, trying to figure out what he is seeing, assuming it is just an optical illusion since we are in motion.

Then CJ insists they are gone, having disappeared into the distant copse of trees.

To this day we are clueless as to what he actually saw, but he still insists that the walking trees with a dark purpose exist and are lurking whenever we drive to Target. Or Starbucks. Which maybe a lot. Ahem.

So walking trees, people. And not the friendly Treebeard. Nope, the angry Orthanc destroying Ents.

Just remember that before you light your Yule logs.